The 5 best apps to help the students with better project management

The 5 best apps to help the students with better project management

Applications that student look for better project management are different from that of a company. Students will be more focused on the app that are economical but provide good document collaboration and management. In the world ruled by smartphones, using the mobile apps to stay connected is a wise option. Most of the students don’t need customization and reporting features in the app rather they are more focused on the features like task management as a majority of the student projects are centered on tasks.  There are varieties of options available for the students looking for these options. However, let me list down few here.


This is a great app for the students who are handling the project with the group. Good collaboration and document management features help the students to share the documents with ease. This app further facilitates the students to leave notes or email so that the team stays updated on the project even when they are not logged in.  The app integrates with the Google documents and has central file management system allowing students to upload and store documents within the account.  The app is economically priced because it is charged based on the number of projects handled rather than the number of the users.

Glass cubes

This project management app is a right choice for you if your project involved few people in it because it gives storage space one GB and unlimited projects for small groups for free. The app is well integrated with an e-mail to help you keep on the track and respond to the discussion even if you are not logged in. Whiteboard feature of the app allows you to edit documents within the system without the need for downloading/ uploading the documents in order to let others see the changes.

Red booth

It is a great app for the students if you are simply looking to manage the project and delegate the tasks. The app provides free usage for the project team of 5 members and gives a storage space of 5GB to handle the project documents. The unique communication features in the app like video calling and instant messaging works quite effectively when you need to speak with someone immediately. Exceptional file management capabilities with centralized file location and integration with the cloud services allows to accesses files on go.

Base camp

Base camp is a simple project management software for the students who need to handle a large data. The user is offered a flexibility to work either from the E-mail or system. Automated updates keep the group informed about recent changes in the project. The app provides a designated area for discussion and searches feature with the number of option to narrow the results will be quite helpful for the students to save time when they are handling the project with large data.


This app is a good fit if you are looking for an app that helps you organise tasks effectively. The app is provided with easy to use interface with strong customer support forum. The price structure of the app is based on the number of projects handled rather than the number of users so, it serves well for a big team handling project. However, collaboration tools and file management features are needs more improvement.