Indian Job Market – Where it stands today

Indian Job Market – Where it stands today

If what says is to go by, Indian job market is on a revival mode. The company recently released a first of its kind, Monster Employment Index, which analyzed the employment trends in the key sectors such as IT, BFSI, Production and Manufacturing. The consolidated data from this white paper indicated a rather favorable trend for India in relation to the country’s employment scenario. The Indian job market opened up in 2014 when there was about 17% rise in demand for skilled and professional employees. While the study only considered the hiring done online, it is quite indicative of the present job market trends of the country. The infusion of capital followed by the approval of the FDI can be attributed as a factor that contributed to these numbers. But predominantly, it shows the improvement in the skill development of the working force of the country, though there are a few gaps that still exist.

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector has shown great potential in comparison to the IT and the manufacturing sectors. The manufacturing and production sector had been showing negative trends prior to 2014 but improved considerably post that. This is also due to the emphasis by the Indian government on the “Make in India” campaign that promoted local production and manufacturing industries.

2016 began with a rather big good news for the job seekers. The Indian companies and the multinational corporations having their operations in India were looking to add over 10 lakh employees and were also willing to offer hefty salary hikes. This trend set off on a good note and the market is expected to get better in the year ahead. The entry of new global players in the Indian market has further fueled this growth.

What You Can Expect?

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an employee looking for a job change, you definitely can expect some positivity coming your way considering the trends of the present Indian job market. However, it goes without saying that these trends apply to skilled professionals. The fact that there exist more jobs is not an indication that jobs are available for all. Getting the right training and acquiring the required skills should remain a priority for all looking for a positive shift in their career or looking to start their careers on a great note.

It is not the basic skills that will take you places. It is what you do extra that will give you an edge over others that will get you noticed and lead you to achieving your career goals. Again, skill development training in India is still a concern that needs to be addressed. Of course, you can acquire these skills with training programs online or by even considering to travel overseas for your professional training and skill development.

To conclude, there has been a significant growth in the organized sector jobs in India in 2016 and recruitment is particularly strong with the start-up companies that are showing an immense amount of Positivity. As individuals seeking jobs, keep your technical knowledge updated and your chances of getting your dream job can multiply!