How to overcome fear of public speaking and win the hearts of auditorium

Speaking in front of the crowd is considered as biggest fear among the large number of students today. In fact, this is considered as one of the biggest fears that can make your palms sweat says most of the students. It is important for the students to know the ways to tackle their anxiety and learn to deliver a memorable speech when they get an opportunity. There are many instances where these public speaking skills can help advance your career and create opportunities.

Plan appropriately

You are going to talk in the front of the large crowd about something and nervousness is common. To handle this anxiety effectively you have to give time to think about what you are going to say. The introduction of your speech should be able to grab the attention of the audience. As all your public speeches are not scheduled, you can pre-prepare mini-speeches with through understanding of what is happening in the industry. Take time to Grove over notes repeatedly to handle your nervousness effectively. After you are familiar with your material, practice, videotape yourself if necessary or bring a friend to critique your performance.

Know your audience   

Before you move ahead to prepare a public speech, you should know your audience. You should know for whom the message is intended for. You should learn about your listeners as much as possible to choose the words right, the level of information to be collected, a pattern you have to organise and motivational statements you have to include. If appropriate, ask some leading questions to targeted groups so that you feel less isolated as a speaker and get everyone involved in the message. keep an eye contact with the audience to keep them interested in the speech rather than reading word by word from your notes. Instead, you can make a note of some important points on cue cards to make your public speaking skills better. As you improve, you can try memorising what you are going to say, however, you can still refer back to your cue cards.

Pay attention to your body language

Giving attention to your body language is an important aspect of your public speaking skills. Your body language gives subtle clues to your audience about your inner state. The audience will soon come to know with your body language if you don’t believe what you say. While paying attention to the language you use, you should stand straight and take a deep breath, keep an eye contact with the people and avoid gestures that feel unnatural.

Watch recordings of your speech

The focus here is to improve your public speaking skills. On a final note, you should always record or videotape your speeches. This helps you improve your public speaking skills dramatically by listening to them later. You can actually improve on the areas that did not go well. Pay attention to your gestures, check if they appear natural or forced. You should also notice your facial expression when you handle interruptions during the speech

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