How to improve thinking and problem solving skills

Few people are born with a talent to solve the problems effectively. The success of Steve Jobs is his excellent problem-solving skills says many. Companies are now looking to hire a person with good problem skills to win the competition.  Why should you lose the opportunity due to lack of your problem-solving skills? Let’s put some effort to learn some effective problem-solving skills as a student and put an effort to improve it over a period of time.

 Identify the problem

Many students tend to look at the problem in a bigger picture considering obstacles, barriers or the troubles related to the problem when they are trying to solve the problem which is a wrong approach. Instead, you should try in identifying the nature of the problem and break it down to come out with possible effective possible solutions for the problem. You should identify roots of the problem which can clearly distinguish the nature of the problem that helps to address the problem and finally resolve it. On the whole, you should develop a skill to look at every situation as an identifiable problem.

Define main elements of the problem

Seeing the problem as a big picture may get you scared when you try to resolve it. An effective way to sharpen your problem-solving skill is to break down the problem into small and manageable pieces. You find it impossible to solve the problem when you look at it in a bigger picture. When you break down the problem into small manageable issues no task seems to be impossible for you. It is will be easy for you to build concrete steps to solve the small challenges effectively and address the bigger problem collectively.

Examine possible solutions 

This is the trickiest step that students face in their problem-solving approach. Rather than finding the simple solutions to address the elements of the problem, they should be able to turn them into an opportunity and build a success story. Students should always look at a beautiful and elegant solution that works to address different elements of the problem. Though it is difficult for the students to identify the problems, they should have a creative approach while searching for the solutions. You should be able to create logical links between different potential solutions and reinforcing solutions in creating synergies.

Act on resolving the problem  

Here is a final step to developing your problem-solving skills. This is the important skill that one should work on while sharpening problem-solving skills. You should also master your skills on your ability to perform concrete steps to execute a plan of action. You should polish the skills to monitor and evaluate entire action plan implementation process.  If you are a group handling the problem, learn to delegate the parts of work to each other o implement it successfully.

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