Effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress is something that we face more in today’s busy life. Either due to work pressure or personal life problems, if you are facing constant stress in your life, it may affect all stages of your life. Don’t get panic, there are some strategies available to help the students manage the stress effectively. Students may be the major victims of the stress because of many factors like financial expenses, family expectations, deadlines and workload. Following some practical steps to manage stress help you deal with the worries and help you stay productive and efficient in the academics.

Manage time 

Time management is the most effective technique for the students to manage the stress effectively. Whether you are going for any sporting activities, studying or relaxing, learn to manage the time wisely. Prepare a timetable for every single task you perform in a day and stick to it.


Healthy routine is important for the students who live in the universities. Rather than spending your time in late night clubs or getting cooped up in the home study, take some time out for exercise regularly and get some fresh air. Stress levels are a bit low in the people who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Positive attitude

You often hear the professor lecturing about the need for developing a positive attitude to succeed in life. This positive attitude during the tough times helps to manage the stress effectively. Instead of ripping over your bad score in the semester which can be a cause of stress, try to focus on the improving your score in the next semester.

Organize your academic life

You can greatly manage your stress levels by organizing academic life like keeping your notes organized,  turning to the assignments on time and keeping track of deadlines about various tasks that have to be performed.

Handle one task at a time

As the part of completing your academics, you may have to accomplish many tasks. Handling multiple tasks at a go may turn you mad and increase your stress levels too as you will be overwhelmed about the deadlines. Instead, you should sort them one by one. This act not only reduces your stress levels while handling the task but also improves your productivity and efficiency.

Take some time to spend with friends

As I told earlier, it is important for the university student to use the time wisely. It is important to stick to the timetable. While preparing the timetable, you should make sure to include some downtime. Your body is not a robot, it needs some time to relax, a cup of coffee with the friends and family is all you need to have to bring back your stress levels to normal. By sharing your thoughts with someone you can trust and get their advice in the context make you feel a lot better.

Do something you extremely love

Nothing other than activities you love will help you relax well on your busy day. Take a break and perform activities you love be it dancing, listening to music or sporting activity of your choice.

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