Productivity tips for students to make your college life happier

Productivity tips for students to make your college life happier

When it comes to college, it is important for the student to constantly stay productive for getting the things done. It is, in fact, a key to the students to get through it unscathed. Getting through this productivity zone is a tough task for many. The current article is going to give lots of tips about improving productivity in the college.

Start off 

As I have observed starting the task is a powerful way to level up your productivity in the college life. Starting up the task will set up your brain to a successful work session. Through my observation over lot many years, I have found that starting the task is the most difficult task for the students than actually doing it. Start the task with a small and quick task and work your way through to-do list with increasingly difficult tasks.

Take advantage of missed time

Hours of time that is available in a day is good enough to stay productive but, all the thing is we don’t use it responsibly to stay productive enough during the college life. Think of the time between the class and morning and evening time when you commute to the office.  Most of the college students lack time to read the book they are out to. You can buy the audio books and listen time during these times to make use of the time effectively. It is a good idea to record the lectures of the professor if they allow you and listen to them during pocket times to be more productive in a day.

Get organized

Getting organized helps you focus on the all things that have been dancing on the brain for a while. Organizing allows you to stop falling behind and get ahead of your goals. Start with the smallest first and go for the larger one. This keeps you motivated on fulfilling the goals and completing the task on time. Though it is a tough game, it is important for you to do it. Point them in the order of one-day goal, week goal and month goal. Work on them regularly to reach towards the goal. It is important to organise your time as well. This is, in fact, one of the toughest parts for every student but, this is necessary if you want to improve your results and stand as a notable student. To achieve this, you have to make necessary changes to the lifestyle.

Make use of technology available

There are task managers like ANY DO available on the smart phones to increase the productivity of the students. The app functions wonderfully with cloud syncing and timed reminders and helps you accomplish your tasks on time. APPS on a smart phone like My Homework helps to complete the Homework in the planned and effective way to stay more productive.  You will never forget to complete your homework on time as your schedule stays in your pocket. There are many apps that are available for Smartphone users to increase productivity.


The Importance of Interpersonal skills for college students

The Importance of Interpersonal skills for college students

Every student needs traditional hard skills like science, mathematics and writing skills to excel in their academic careers. Employers are seeking little extra from the employees in the form of soft skills to ensure that they excel in their professional career too. These soft skills are a need for the students to an ability to adapt to the changing circumstances and willingness to learn through experience. It is important for the students to horn their soft skills as they graduate from the college and enter the workforce.

Every college student is bound to function in the groups effectively and apparently. You should learn to collaborate with groups in the project and accept constructive criticism. As the majority of the work during your studies and work profile needs collaboration, students will find it easy to develop these skills while working with groups.

Communication is another important skill that students need to develop to reach new heights. I hear most of the employers complaining that young professionals are not good at carrying the conversation effectively because they are unable to ask questions, listen actively or maintain eye contact during the conversation. Many students complain that though the electronic gadgets present in the world help them to stay connected with each other, they are hampering their ability to connect with others. Communications skills are important while you are a student as well as while you are working. These skills can be effectively improved by conversing with their teachers in one-to-one settings. You can even improve your communication by obtaining an internship in a professional setting.

Time management:
Structured programs that are present in the schools to help the students in managing the time are not present in the collages. Students in the college should be self- sufficient in managing the time and prioritizing their actions. Time management skills increase the ability improves multiple projects in an organized manner and prioritize the task intelligently. Time management skills in the students can be improved by assuming the responsibility in multiple programs. Nothing other than the necessity will develop your ability to prioritize tasks. You can also develop your time management skill by gaining experience through internships or volunteering your work to other opportunities.

Apart from the collaboration skills which help to work with the team to complete the project, it is important to develop leadership skills to lead the team. These leadership skills are wanted at both stages during your academics as well as workforce. Most of the companies today are looking for leaders and not followers. The students can develop leadership skills during their college by searching for leadership opportunities during their college program. You can choose to become a captain of the athletic team, leading an extracurricular group or becoming involved in the student group.

Problem-solving skills can be improved by students by enrolling the class that use experiential learning, place them in the uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations and push to succeed

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Beat Stress

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Beat Stress

Stress is one of biggest causes of concern with regard to your mental health and wellbeing. That being said, there is a lot that is written on how you can avoid stress in your everyday life. Of course, it is important to avoid stress to lead a healthy life but there are times when it is practically impossible to beat stress. There can be times when you are completely bogged down professionally or personally and you can’t do much to avoid feeling stressed out. During these times, it becomes important to find ways that can effectively reduce your stress levels so that you are able to get a hold on your life soon.

Suffering from stress? Here is how to overcome it!

Like mentioned above, it is not always possible to avoid stress so it is important that we all equipped to dealing with stress to ensure that it has the minimum impact on our health and wellness. Here are three very effective ways to reduce stress levels and keep you motivated to work better and live better. These little things can drastically improve the way you feel; you have to try it to believe it!

#1. Perform some power yoga

Your body is your reflection. It is your personality. It gives the impression of what you truly are. Not just for others, your body is important for you too to feel good about yourself. When you know you are healthy and fit, it shows on your confidence. Confident people are often less affected by stress than those who feel intimidated by others because of their appearance.

In order to enhance the physical appearance of your body, power yoga is very effective. A few minutes of practicing power yoga everyday can have a huge impact on reducing cortisol levels in your body, those compounds that are responsible for causing stress.

#2. Keep calm, you can always start over

Always believe in yourself. There may be times when you feel you have totally lost control of your life either personally or professionally but remind yourself that you can do better. Start afresh and to do that, you only need your own self. It is no exaggeration to say that there is never too late to start again and yes, life does give you many second chances. So relax and stay calm during your crisis while telling yourself that you are capable of dealing with the issues at your hand and that you can quite easily get over them.

#3. Chocolates are the best stress relievers!

Chocolates for chocolate lovers are heavenly. You might have seen many people binge on chocolates when they feel sad or low. The fact is that chocolates can be immensely effective in reducing depression and stress. There is science behind this and not just myth – chocolates stimulate the brain and trigger increase in the release of the compounds serotonin and phenylethylamine. These compounds increase your heart rate and this helps you focus and concentrate better. When your focus is right, stress might not seem too huge to deal with. Hence, if you are feeling low, grab a bar of chocolate quick!

The above three ways to reduce stress are simple everyday hacks that you can try anywhere. Just remember that stress is not good for you and for your loved ones too. Just this belief can help you greatly!

What Tools Do You Need To Learn English The Right Way?

What Tools Do You Need To Learn English The Right Way?

Tools you Need to Learn English

Learning English is not rocket science. But of course, it does require a certain amount of focus and determination. For that matter, learning any language does require some basic effort because learning new words, new grammar and an all new way to communicate and express does imply leaving your comfort zone and trying. For many, this can become quite overwhelming. In reality, learning English is not just about understanding the way the language is spoken; it is about adapting yourself to it so that the language becomes your regular communication tool. In order to achieve this, there are some basic tools and approaches that should be used.

What tools are right to learn English?

When you talk about learning English to anyone, the first thing that you would probably hear from them is to buy those big books on English language learning that look quite scary to any beginner. The next thing that you may be told to do is join a good Spoken English institute to improve your language fluency. In most cases, both the above mentioned approaches do not work. But because English language learners are not quite aware of what tools they should be using to learn the language in a more efficient manner, they are left with no choice but to use these redundant methods of learning English.
In order to be able to learn English, you have to first understand that English is a skill; it is not a subject. Hence, books on English, no matter how expensive they are, don’t help to a large extent. Truly speaking, the same rules apply to every language. Language learning should never be based on books because books can only teach you as much. To be able to communicate in a language, you need a more practical approach. The right process of learning will make it easier to acquire the language as your communication tool.
Below are the most important tools that you should use to learn English the right way –

1. Vocabulary book:
There is no language without words. Learning a language, in real sense, is learning words. There is no denying the fact that unless you are aware of the words, you will not be able to use a language properly. A vocabulary book may seem to be an uninteresting book but the fact is that, in English, there are several thousands of words and using a vocabulary book can be a lot of fun. The book will contain a list of commonly used words along with other words that may be less commonly used but will improve your communication.

2. Dictionary:
You may want to believe that a dictionary and a vocabulary book are same as these both books deal with words, their usage and meanings. However, that is not the case. A vocabulary book will list words in the order of their usage, with the most commonly words used words listed first. The vocabulary book may only list these words or sometimes, also include their meanings. A dictionary, on the other hand, will not just give meanings but also provide some grammatical information about the word’s usage. Using a dictionary and a vocabulary book together will make English learning easy and fun.

3. Illustrated comic and story books:
In order to get fluent with English and use it as normally as your native language, you have to understand its casual usage as well. Reading comic strips in English, short stories and watching English movies and shows will help a great deal here.
The above tools are the most basic ones. Using these tools will give you a very strong start to learning English.

The 3 Common Bad Habits You Should Quit Now!

The 3 Common Bad Habits You Should Quit Now!

You Should Stop these 3 bad habits with Determination

When it comes to productivity and efficiency, most of us think about time management. Yes, it is true that managing your time right can have a major impact on your performance but the fact is that it is not time management really that needs your focus. What you need to emphasize on is attention and energy management. Where is your energy being utilized? What is it that holds your attention the most? These are the questions that you need to reflect on in order to become efficient and productive in the long run.

Your energy, your power!

When talking about energy, it is not just the physical energy that needs a mention. We also want to talk about your mental and emotional strength. It is your energy that translates your dreams into reality. It is your energy that contributes to your passion and it is your energy that drives you and motivates you to perform better. While there can be a lot of ways to boost your energy levels, it is important to first start with identifying those traits in you that are draining your energy levels. Eliminating these traits, no matter how insignificant they might seem, will help you raise not just your efficiency but also your self-worth.

Truly speaking, you don’t need to put in an extra effort or look for innovative ways to improve your energy levels. By eliminating the things that you commonly do; things that are draining your energy, you can gain back your focus. So basically, you can improve your energy by doing less not by doing more.

So, what are these ‘common traits’ that can possibly be a cause of draining your energy? Here are 3 common bad habits that you should quit immediately to regain your energy –

#1. Tea and coffee

If you think caffeine boosts your energy levels through the day, you are doing something seriously wrong. Of course, you may get an instant energy boost with a cup of coffee but too much of caffeine is going to hamper your energy levels on the long run.

This is quite simple and logical too – you drink too much of coffee through the day, you feel active but you may have difficulty sleeping at night and waking up again the next morning. Basically, this beverage disrupts your biological cycle. What coffee does is that it emulates the molecule adenosine in your brain. This molecule tends to build up over the day but makes you tired later. Tea does something similar. Cutting down on tea and coffee is hence good for boosting your energy levels in the long run.

#2. Smoking

We all know what smoking does to our health but we seldom understand its long term impact. Smoking cuts your energy levels bit by bit. It makes you lousy and lazy apart from causing you some major health related issues. The nicotine can seem to be a stimulant but it leaves you with a lot of tar that can lead up to persistent cough and thereby making you weak and inefficient.

#3. Procrastination

Procrastination is perhaps the worst habit that eats up your energy and makes your feel low and tired always. Working late in the night may indicate your strong work ethics but this is also an indicator of you being bad at prioritization. Don’t wait till the last minutes, this is only going to make you work more and that with less productivity.

The above 3 bad habits are very common and that might make you feel you aren’t doing anything too bad. However, it is only when you get rid of the above habits that you would realize how much good you have done to yourself!

How to Save Yourself from the Time Wasting Tasks?

How to Save Yourself from the Time Wasting Tasks?

Use these techniques to prevent yourself from Time wasting tasks

Time is precious and we all agree to this. But, are we all able to utilize our time to its optimum best? Are we all really able to ensure that we use the time that we have in the most productive manner? Of course, not. Distractions are all around us and these distractions can inevitably make us waste our precious time doing activities that are either unnecessary or repetitive. In this regard, there are a few things that you can do or at least try to do to make the best use of your available time and avoid tasks that cause you to waste your time.

Utilizing your time to the best does not necessarily mean that you use every second of the day productively. We all need break and some leisure time. Creating a routine can help you greatly here and in this routine, you definitely may want to set aside some time for leisure, fun and tasks that are less significant. Apart from that, it is essential to avoid time waster tasks. Here are five ways that will ensure you are on the track to being productive by keeping your distractions at bay –

1. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking, for many of us, may appear to be a great skill. We may feel that people who can flawlessly multitask are all great performers. Because we tend to consider this as a skill, we always want to learn to multitask. We feel that if we are doing more than one activity simultaneously, we are not left behind and we can actually doing our best. But the fact remains that we are not designed to multi-task. Yes, our brains are not cognitively programmed to perform more than one activity with the same level of fervor. Scientists have conducted studies and have proven this fact time and again. So while you may think that you are multi-tasking, what you are actually doing is switching between tasks and that way, you will end up spending more time, energy and effort in completing all these tasks.

In true sense, multitasking reduces our ability to focus and this has a negative impact on our productivity and quality of work. You must try and complete one task before moving to another one. Scheduling your tasks based on priority is important rather than multitasking.

2. Avoid procrastination

The habit of delaying things is the worst when it comes to managing and enhancing your productivity levels. You may defend yourself stating that you are tired and may want to put off some tasks for a later time but if you aren’t really taking rest instead of completing your task, you are simply creating for yourself an even more stressful situation.

3. Learn to say no

Understand, you cannot do everything. You may want to be able to reach to every task and want to finish off all your work on the same day but that is not practically possible. Make sure that you don’t over commit yourself. Take up only as much work as you can comfortably do so that neither your productivity drops nor are you in a position to keep your tasks pending.

4. Continue your thing

If you are in a routine to have a cup of coffee with your morning daily and then going through your emails and then spending some time on FaceBook, continue your routine. You need not change your routine only because others have a different to-do list. As long as your routine does not bother your work, you are good to go!

5. Get rid of the most difficult tasks at your peak time

When you are at your productive best, complete all your difficult tasks that you may want to procrastinate otherwise. This will ensure that you are able to get the best work done with the most difficult but maybe the most important tasks.

How to Eliminate Distractions in 7 Easy Ways?

How to Eliminate Distractions in 7 Easy Ways?

One of the basic requirements for any working professional is to constantly work on enhancing his or her productivity. While there can be several things that you can do in this regard such as acquire more skills; the best way to boost your productivity almost instantly is by eliminating distractions. Minor distractions may seem just regular and harmless but the fact is that these distractions can often lead to a huge loss of your overall productivity as well as the quality of your work, whether you are a student or an employed executive.

Here are 7 effective ways to cut down on distractions and focus better –

1.Get the environment right

The place where you work or study is your work environment. Your work environment has a huge impact on your productivity levels and your level of focus or concentration. Try to locate yourself away from any kind of potential distractions such as windows, doors or such things. Most importantly, keep your phone away as that is the number one cause of distraction in your environment. One more aspect to give importance to is to keep your environment clutter free. If you work online, make sure that you do not keep unimportant browsers open or websites open.

2. Keep your objectives clear

Set clear objectives of what you want to achieve on a daily basis whether it is your work or study. This will help you concentrate better. If you are not sure what your targets are, the uncertainty will make you lose your focus and that implies you will get distracted very easily.

3. Give yourself regular breaks

When you are working at stretch or for that matter, even studying at stretch, you will inevitably get tired of your work or lessons. Regular breaks are important to improve your concentration. Long hours of constant study or work will have a negative impact on your performance as your mental capacity and physical health get affected. Taking breaks does not necessarily mean taking long breaks. Even a walk down the corridor or a simple physical exercise can do the needful.

4. Set a routine

Set a routine for yourself. You should know what you need to do and when. And, routine is made to be followed. Stick to your routine and diligently work according to it. Have a clear start time and end time whether it is for your salsa class, fitness or workout regime or for your school lessons. When you set a routine and fix a time frame for all your activities, you will minimize distractions because your mind gets positioned to function in a certain manner.

5. Segregate huge tasks

When there is something big in front of you, divide and work on it. You cannot climb the peak of a mountain in a single run. You will need to strategize and work towards your goal over a period of time, but with consistency. Look at the big tasks with a similar perspective. When you have divided your task, be sure to follow the sequence.

6. Keep your refreshments nearby

Thirst and hunger can be your major distractions. If you plan a long haul of study or work, keep your refreshments (healthy snacks) and lots of water at your close dispersal. This will ensure you don’t have to move out of your work zone to get water or snacks and thereby help you avoid any other distractions on the way.

7. Communicate openly

When you are occupied with an important task, ensure that you communicate to your family or co-workers about it. Let them know that you are busy and cannot be disturbed unless there is something that requires your immediate attention.