Bringing In Positivity in Your Life

If there is one thing that can significantly change the way you live and have a considerable impact on your lifestyle, then it has to be positive thinking. You may wonder how simply thinking positively can bring a major impact on your life but this is true and the results are quite astonishing. Many may think that by just thinking good, it might be impractical to assume that great things will happen but if you have read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, you know exactly what I am talking about. Thinking good can actually change your world and make it better. The fact of the matter is that yes, you may not be able to literally change the world but with positivity, you can change your perception of the world and to be true, isn’t it all about how we perceive things?

Understanding the importance of positive thinking

Talking about positivity, you will only understand the importance of it when you realize the impact of negativity and negative thoughts on your productivity and overall life. When you do understand how destructive negativity can be for you, you will turn to optimism and positivity without much effort.

Truly speaking, not all negative emotions are bad. A certain amount of negative feelings such as fear, anger and stress are important for us all to lead a competitive life. Typically, these are essential survival skills. These skills basically help us to stay protective of ourselves and take corrective steps that lead us to success. These little negative emotions also help us stay grounded and humble, virtues that are very important to be retained in us. That being said, too much of negativity can actually pull us down. Some people get so used to thinking negatively that it tends to become a habit and bad habits don’t go easy. Constantly thinking negative can lead to loss of self-confidence and more seriously, depression.

Developing habits that lead to positive thinking

Positive thinking needs some practice. For those who are used to thinking negatively about themselves and their environment may have to put in a little extra effort but the fact of the matter is that though it takes time, people can inculcate this and learn to be great positive thinkers. To start with, you should equate positive thinking to being happy. Yes, you should teach yourself that positivity brings happiness and keep repeating this to yourself day in and day out. When you do that, you will soon begin to see the change in your attitude towards positivity.

Here are three habits that you can practice on a consistent basis to incorporate positivity in your thinking and in your life –

  1. Meditation:

It is a widely accepted truth that people who meditate on a daily basis have a rather strong inner peace. This inner peace becomes the foundation for positive thinking. Meditation does not have to necessarily mean that you spend hours reciting your religious chants. Spending a few minutes in silence thinking of what really your goals in life are will help you look at yourself with pure positivity.

  1. Writing:

It might seem too simple a thing but in reality, writing can be a great stress buster. Research studies indicate that people who write about their positive experiences and make written plans about their near future with positivity see better success and are happier.

  1. Play:

It’s most important to have fun. Yes, when you enjoy yourself, you spread happiness and that way, you also spread positivity.

The above habits may seem too simple and you may even wonder how such simple things can actually bring significantly positive changes in your life. But when you do practice these habits diligently, you will actually propagate about how easy it is to lead a positive and happy life!

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    Nice explanation of positive thinking and its results.

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    ur blog is really very nice n inspiring


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