Purpose and Benefits of an Internship for College Students

Purpose and Benefits of an Internship for College Students

The benefits you gain through college internship are priceless.Getting a job can be a daunting task for graduates. When it comes choosing career options, graduates weigh their options carefully. However, your field of study determines the career you can follow.  Getting the job after the graduation is major challenges that throb the brain of every graduate throughout the course, enrolling in the college internships programs is a great way to unlock the doors for your bright career.


Today most of the organizations are interested in hiring experienced professionals over fresher. Undergoing college internship is the great way open doors of your career path with some sort of experience handy. By enrolling the college internship will help you more about the industry while you gain skills that can help you bring you to next position.

Building a resume

Having internship program in the resume acts as an additional advantage and boosts your career. It not only helps you perform well in the next job but also helps you get one easily. You will either be hired for a new position or get an opportunity to work for another internship that adds benefit to your career growth. When the company is hiring graduates for the jobs in their company, college interns will have preference over others.


When you perform well during the college internships, you will gain references and letters of recommendations. They are perfect for your next internships or future job prospects. They will work well even when you are applying for scholarships.

Learn more about yourself

By enrolling in the internship programs, you will get an opportunity gain clarity on your strengths, weakness and your interest as well. The best part is you will also learn what you don’t enjoy doing through these programs.

Sell yourself in the interview   

Common questions asked by the employer while hiring for the full-time job is Why should I hire you for the job? As you might have already understood your strengths and weakness and interest during the internship program, you will be able to sell yourself better in the interview.

Increase your professional confidence 

Most of the graduates are scared about the professional working environment when they are about to hunt jobs. Working as an intern will remove that unknown factor and get you acquainted with the professional environment even before you are hired for a full-time job. This helps you work with a lot of confidence in the new job.

Enhance communication skills  

Communication is another important skill that the employers look at while hiring for the job. By working as an intern,  you will have opportunity to interact with the others in the professional environment and become a better communicator


There are lot many unpaid internships in the college program. Few lucky students gain a chance to work for paid internships which get you monthly salary or lump sum at the end of the intern period or stipend which is good enough to meet your regular expenses.

10 Barriers Blocking Your Success

10 Barriers Blocking Your Success

Waiting for success and actually achieving success are two totally different stages

Barriers to success we all dream of having millions in the bank, the ideal job, the luxury house, the dream car and the perfect partner, but for us to have any chance of achieving all this then we must first be aware of the common barriers to success that we’re likely to run into.

As the saying goes forewarned is forearmed.

Therefore being aware of these common and debilitating barriers to success beforehand will better prepare you to deal with any obstacles and challenges that get in your way.

1. Poor attitude.

Our attitude is, without doubt, the biggest determinant to what kind of results we get in life.Our attitude determines what we think and do, which ultimately determines what we create.How many of us fail to get off first base or simply follow through with our plans because we sabotage our ability and results with toxic thoughts and negative self-talk.

2. Lack of Goals

Many people go through life without setting themselves any goals.Without goals, you have no map of where you want to go and what you want to achieve Goals are a vital cog in achieving success…start setting them!!!!

3. Self-doubt.

The demon of self-doubt is one of the major barriers in preventing people from achieving success and realizing their goals. Negative thoughts about whether we’re good enough to succeed often leads to us talking ourselves out of starting anything.

4. Giving Up

We’ve all been guilty of quitting at one time or other.I recently read a quote by Anthony Robbins ‘When it looks impossible and you are ready to quit, victory is near.” This so true…just ask R.U Darby and his uncle.

5. Fear of Failure

There is nothing wrong with having a fear of failing. Everyone fears failure. Even the Richard Branson’s and the Bill Gates’ of the world have been struck by the fear of failure at some point.However, what you must ensure is to never let it paralyze and stop you from taking action.The purpose of fear is not to restrict or inhibit but to heighten our senses, increase our focus, and instil us with drive and determination

6. Poor planning.

Poor planning and implementation drastically reduce your chances of success. Proper strategic planning is a key requirement if failure and disappointment are to be avoided.

7. Procrastination

Your life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one chance so don’t keep putting things off for tomorrow. Try and do something every day which will bring you closer to realizing your goals

8. Listening To The Doubters and Naysayers

Avoid listening to negative comments or messages from family, friends or acquaintances. Their negative opinions will only serve to put you down, leading to you questioning and doubting your abilities to succeed.

9. Lack of Discipline And Self Control

Being able to resist distractions and temptations that get in the way of you achieving your goals is vital to ultimate success. Discipline and self-control enable you to stick to things, persevere and follow through with any given tasks and projects.

10. Laziness

It so easy to slip into our old lazy routines, sit back and just wait for things to happen.Unfortunately, nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort and hard work.Success only arrives when we do what it takes…when we go that extra mile.Success is something we all want saviour. However, realizing notable success comes with many challenges good starting point is to first identify the major barriers to success so that you can then take the necessary steps and actions to accomplishing all that you want.

How to start a presentation in an interesting way

How to start a presentation in an interesting way

Anybody with the worst fear at presentation if your not perform well you will be stressful and painful , Do not worry keep on practicing will improve your presentation skills. Whether you are making a sales pitch or delivering the message to the audience, the way you present yourself to the audience is how they will perceive you. Here are few tips to help you about How To Deliver an Effective Presentation – Top Tips

Before you start presentation

You should plan and organize your presentation. Keep your slides in order and run through them a number of times to ensure that they are arranged in a right way. Meanwhile, you should also make sure these presentation slides are visibly appealing. There is nothing more than practice to make your presentation perfect. If you feel that you may get nervous during the presentation, there is nothing wrong in preparing the script to ensure that you don’t lose your chain of thought. You would perform better if you do practice run with a friend. Sticking to the time bound is very important for good presentation. As the event manager might have already informed you the time limit, take the help of stopwatch during practice to ensure you give a timely presentation. Check whether you are a bit slow or rushing through the slides on your practice session to perform better.

During the presentation

It is better to arrive early to set yourself in the comfortable space before the presentation is initiated. Ensure that the organizer has received your slides and they are chronologically organized to look better on the computer screen. Walk through the conference arena to know talks that are being conducted to know the type of your audience. This will help you know how to keep the audience engaged during the presentation. Focus on delivering a great presentation to the audience. Keep away from all the disruptions like mobile phones before you start the presentation. Make a meaningful contact with the audience to know that if they are interested in your presentation. When you feel nervous, don’t speed up the presentation to complete it, instead take a deep breath to provide some oxygen to your brain and go ahead with your presentation. Welcome the audience to Q and A session to increase their engagement. When you are giving the presentation, be prepared to interruption because people love their opinions to be heard. If you have Q&A session at the end of the presentation, let them know the same or else you can take the session in between to keep them engaged throughout.

After presentation

Most of the presenters feel stressful during Q&A session after the presentation. It is not necessary that you should know answers to all the questions asked by the audience. However, most of the presenters will not like to accept it publicly. In such case, You can call the audience for the discussion after completion of the presentation to let them know that you are interested in answering their questions. don’t rush way after completing presentation, meet the audience and know their feedback and use them positively to improve your presentation skills.

The easiest way to learning new skills and acquiring knowledge

The easiest way to learning new skills and acquiring knowledge

Every student wants to master the skill of learning the new things in the short time. If you have observed your learning abilities, you might have learned few things on a quick note while few a good deal of time. The perception of the brain may take different time intervals during different times in grasping the information even if the information you are learning in the different times are seemingly equal. The difference comes depends on your mental and physical capabilities and your level of concentration to perceive things. Here are different ways to enhance your learning skills so that you can enjoy your study more.

Multichannel learning

The constant single method of learning to grab the information in the books may put your brain to bore. Your brain may lose its focus or attention after a while and it may take a long time for you learn the new information, instead, you can try multi-channel learning. Imagine you are watching a video on the Smartphone which is not related to your studies, suddenly, you realise that the subject discussed here as some connectivity with your studies. The brain will grasp this information quickly and remember it for a long time. You should always try multi-channel learning like speaking to experts on the subject, attending to a conference, discussing with friends and much more. When you expand your horizons of learning, you will observe the new information in short time.


Many learners find it easy to remember elements or graphics. You can try creating tables and schemes base on the raw text available to enhance your learning skills. You will find it very easy in learning the chronological events or classification. However, most of the information can be shown graphically, you just need to find associations that will help you remember things easily.  You also try learning the large text in the short span by highlighting key pieces of information. Use highlighters to make the key information visible to you quickly. This will help you scan the large text in short span especially when you are running out of time.

Comfortable environment and physical condition 

When your body is not comfortable to focus on the studies, you will not be able to learn new things.  First address the needs of your body like taking a quick nap, filling the hunger or any need that is distracting your attention from studying. Make sure you are exposed to enough fresh air to help your body function effectively. Cool environment and calm music help in a great way in enhancing your concentration which is quite helpful for new things.


Whenever you have a chance to study with the friends, never miss this opportunity to enhance your learning skills. Have a brainstorming session with the friends. Talk and discuss with them on different topics. This you are more likely to find answers to tough questions or learn the topic from someone’s point of view. You can learn new things by discussing the things you are doubtful about.

How to overcome fear of public speaking and win the hearts of auditorium

How to overcome fear of public speaking and win the hearts of auditorium

Speaking in front of the crowd is considered as biggest fear among the large number of students today. In fact, this is considered as one of the biggest fears that can make your palms sweat says most of the students. It is important for the students to know the ways to tackle their anxiety and learn to deliver a memorable speech when they get an opportunity. There are many instances where these public speaking skills can help advance your career and create opportunities.

Plan appropriately

You are going to talk in the front of the large crowd about something and nervousness is common. To handle this anxiety effectively you have to give time to think about what you are going to say. The introduction of your speech should be able to grab the attention of the audience. As all your public speeches are not scheduled, you can pre-prepare mini-speeches with through understanding of what is happening in the industry. Take time to Grove over notes repeatedly to handle your nervousness effectively. After you are familiar with your material, practice, videotape yourself if necessary or bring a friend to critique your performance.

Know your audience   

Before you move ahead to prepare a public speech, you should know your audience. You should know for whom the message is intended for. You should learn about your listeners as much as possible to choose the words right, the level of information to be collected, a pattern you have to organise and motivational statements you have to include. If appropriate, ask some leading questions to targeted groups so that you feel less isolated as a speaker and get everyone involved in the message. keep an eye contact with the audience to keep them interested in the speech rather than reading word by word from your notes. Instead, you can make a note of some important points on cue cards to make your public speaking skills better. As you improve, you can try memorising what you are going to say, however, you can still refer back to your cue cards.

Pay attention to your body language

Giving attention to your body language is an important aspect of your public speaking skills. Your body language gives subtle clues to your audience about your inner state. The audience will soon come to know with your body language if you don’t believe what you say. While paying attention to the language you use, you should stand straight and take a deep breath, keep an eye contact with the people and avoid gestures that feel unnatural.

Watch recordings of your speech

The focus here is to improve your public speaking skills. On a final note, you should always record or videotape your speeches. This helps you improve your public speaking skills dramatically by listening to them later. You can actually improve on the areas that did not go well. Pay attention to your gestures, check if they appear natural or forced. You should also notice your facial expression when you handle interruptions during the speech