Time management activities for college students

Time management activities for college students

Effective time management is important for the students to achieve success in their academics. It is important for the students to plan their days weeks in advance to manage the available time effectively. When you master your ability to manage the time wisely, you will get most out of it. Many students fail to perform well in the exams due to lack of effective time planning during their study for exams. Here are few strategies you can follow for effective time management that creates a huge impact on your academic career.

Organize your time 

Let you take the control of the time rather than it taking the control of you. Have a clear understanding about the days, weeks and months ahead of you to discover the time available for you to explore various activities like study, recreation and other activities without keeping the life under pressure during the peak times like exams.

Assess your time  

Many students complain that it is unfortunate that they did not score well in the exam in spite studying all the time. Actually, it is far from the truth. You need to correctly assess the time spent on studying in a day rather than spilling over assumptions. Make a note of every single activity you do in a week and time spent for it. If there is a shortfall in the amount of time you spend for studying, balance it by cutting down other activities and manage time wisely.

Set your priorities

Prioritizing your requirements will keep you away from squandering the time uselessly.  If your objective, for the time being, is to perform well in the sports allocate more time for the sporting activities when your exams are far ahead of the schedule. on the other hand if scoring well in the academics is your all time goal, allocate the time in a day in accordance with the demands of tasks that you have to complete in each subject to score well.

Make a schedule 

After you prioritize your needs, you have to make a schedule with the help of diaries, planners or with the help of the electronic gadgets that are available in the market today. Have a big picture about what you do and how you allocate the time by choosing the weekly planners. Make fixed commitments for different activities like attending class, study time and other non-study related activities. Use monthly calendars to jot down deadlines due dates and other important days.

Plan the activities logically

You should know your body cycle to plan your activities logically. If you tend to get sleep after lunch, then go with the same. Don’t either take a walk or fight to keep your eyes open to study subjects.

Plan some downtime 

Your body needs some time to relax and refresh to perform all the activities as per schedule. Make sure to plan for some downtime in your busy schedule.

Effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety

Effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress is something that we face more in today’s busy life. Either due to work pressure or personal life problems, if you are facing constant stress in your life, it may affect all stages of your life. Don’t get panic, there are some strategies available to help the students manage the stress effectively. Students may be the major victims of the stress because of many factors like financial expenses, family expectations, deadlines and workload. Following some practical steps to manage stress help you deal with the worries and help you stay productive and efficient in the academics.

Manage time 

Time management is the most effective technique for the students to manage the stress effectively. Whether you are going for any sporting activities, studying or relaxing, learn to manage the time wisely. Prepare a timetable for every single task you perform in a day and stick to it.


Healthy routine is important for the students who live in the universities. Rather than spending your time in late night clubs or getting cooped up in the home study, take some time out for exercise regularly and get some fresh air. Stress levels are a bit low in the people who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Positive attitude

You often hear the professor lecturing about the need for developing a positive attitude to succeed in life. This positive attitude during the tough times helps to manage the stress effectively. Instead of ripping over your bad score in the semester which can be a cause of stress, try to focus on the improving your score in the next semester.

Organize your academic life

You can greatly manage your stress levels by organizing academic life like keeping your notes organized,  turning to the assignments on time and keeping track of deadlines about various tasks that have to be performed.

Handle one task at a time

As the part of completing your academics, you may have to accomplish many tasks. Handling multiple tasks at a go may turn you mad and increase your stress levels too as you will be overwhelmed about the deadlines. Instead, you should sort them one by one. This act not only reduces your stress levels while handling the task but also improves your productivity and efficiency.

Take some time to spend with friends

As I told earlier, it is important for the university student to use the time wisely. It is important to stick to the timetable. While preparing the timetable, you should make sure to include some downtime. Your body is not a robot, it needs some time to relax, a cup of coffee with the friends and family is all you need to have to bring back your stress levels to normal. By sharing your thoughts with someone you can trust and get their advice in the context make you feel a lot better.

Do something you extremely love

Nothing other than activities you love will help you relax well on your busy day. Take a break and perform activities you love be it dancing, listening to music or sporting activity of your choice.

Simple steps to good decision making for students

Simple steps to good decision making for students

Decision making is not a born talent. it has to be natured and perfected over a period of time, based on the situations you face in your life regularly. However, it is a difficult skill to perfect. Decision making is not always a challenging task. Taking the decision about few things in life like buying a pair of shoes does not need you to invest more time but, some decision like whether to choose part-time work or go to school should be made after careful analysis. Many students are afraid that they make the decision wrong when the options are available.  You need to learn some basics of decision making when you have options to ensure that you are making a good decision.

Pen down your problem

You should first identify your problem to have a clear understanding of it. You cannot proceed ahead until you know what the problem and how you want the outcome to be so,  be as specific as possible while stating the problem to ensure that the decision you are going to take at the end is right.

Gather information weighing your option

The challenges of decision making comes into the juncture when you have multiple options to solve the problem. Gather the information that is directly related to the problem to help you take the decision better. You will come to know what to do to solve the problem and generate more ideas for a possible solution. Make a list of possible alternatives to the problem after speaking to the person whom you trust or the experts in the arena.  You will come up a variety of solutions when weighing all your options to make a final decision.

Consider consequences

Now that you have listed out all the possible solutions for your problem, you should consider consequences of each option before taking the final call. Check how the decision is going to affect you now, in future as well as people around you before considering the problem. This step will help you figure out pros and cons of the possible solutions that you have figured out till date. Weigh pros and cons against the possibilities you have before taking a final decision.

Take decision

Here comes the toughest part. You should believe in your instinct while making the decision after considering all the options. Narrow the possibilities keeping your goals and pros and cons in the mind. While few people are still indecisive about the decision that has been taken, you should answer some questions like Is the solution right for the problem? How is it going to affect you in future? Are you comfortable with the solution? Do you feel good about it? Let your subconscious work while answering these questions.

Evaluate decision

Few decisions have no value unless you put them into play. When you are implementing the decision step by step, at times, you may go back to step 2 considering other option. Before considering this step back, you need to wait for a while to see the final outcome of the decision. You should also be prepared to address unanticipated problems to relieve undue stress.

Get better outcome from team – with effective leadership and management skills

Get better outcome from team – with effective leadership and management skills

Management and leadership are two different perspectives but in the most of the organizations today, both are seemed to be interconnected to bring better outcome from the team that they are handling. Today most of the employers are looking to hire a person with good leadership and management skills rather than a person who has performed well at their academics. It is important for the students to develop their leadership and management skills during their academics to score well in the interviews of the top companies in future.

Today’s managers are ought to become good leaders to insist commanding confidence in the team to perform better.

Strengthen your people skills 

Having a solid team with good skills represents good leadership skills. You should not only ask the team to polish their skills like a manager but also walk with them in helping to improve their skills. You may have work in earning respect in the team that helps you carry long way as a leader. Maintain a trustworthy relationship with the team that is focused on achieving betterment as a whole.

Motivate and inspire others to achieve 

Your ability to motivate the team skills makes you stand as an effective motivator. Great leaders advocate the advancement of others. As managers, you should impact your legacy directly to the success of the team. The manager should identify motivational triggers based on the team members goals and aspirations of the team members.

Delegate the work wisely

It is the responsibility of the managers to delegate work to the team wisely. You should assign the tasks responsibility for completing the assignments execute your leadership skills to get things done on time. You need to have control on every little thing that your team does to accomplish the task. You should delegate the work to the employees by multiplying the amount of work you can accomplish while you develop the confidence of the team to get the things done.

Set goals

It is important to let the team know what they are expected to do.  Set realistic goals and time frame which they have to work on it. Setting the goals for the team not only gives your team a direction and the purpose to work for, it will be easy for you to measure as well as monitor their performance.

Recognize their achievement

It is important to keep the team motivated throughout the accomplishment of the project. When the team member performs better, take the time to recognize their work and appreciate them in the team. This not only keeps the member of the team motivated throughout the project but also encourages him to work hard to achieve the goals.

Stay responsive to the needs of the team

You should be perceptive to the needs of the team. Building a good team turns to be easy when you know needs and goals of an individual as well as what they need from you as leader

The 5 best apps to help the students with better project management

The 5 best apps to help the students with better project management

Applications that student look for better project management are different from that of a company. Students will be more focused on the app that are economical but provide good document collaboration and management. In the world ruled by smartphones, using the mobile apps to stay connected is a wise option. Most of the students don’t need customization and reporting features in the app rather they are more focused on the features like task management as a majority of the student projects are centered on tasks.  There are varieties of options available for the students looking for these options. However, let me list down few here.


This is a great app for the students who are handling the project with the group. Good collaboration and document management features help the students to share the documents with ease. This app further facilitates the students to leave notes or email so that the team stays updated on the project even when they are not logged in.  The app integrates with the Google documents and has central file management system allowing students to upload and store documents within the account.  The app is economically priced because it is charged based on the number of projects handled rather than the number of the users.

Glass cubes

This project management app is a right choice for you if your project involved few people in it because it gives storage space one GB and unlimited projects for small groups for free. The app is well integrated with an e-mail to help you keep on the track and respond to the discussion even if you are not logged in. Whiteboard feature of the app allows you to edit documents within the system without the need for downloading/ uploading the documents in order to let others see the changes.

Red booth

It is a great app for the students if you are simply looking to manage the project and delegate the tasks. The app provides free usage for the project team of 5 members and gives a storage space of 5GB to handle the project documents. The unique communication features in the app like video calling and instant messaging works quite effectively when you need to speak with someone immediately. Exceptional file management capabilities with centralized file location and integration with the cloud services allows to accesses files on go.

Base camp

Base camp is a simple project management software for the students who need to handle a large data. The user is offered a flexibility to work either from the E-mail or system. Automated updates keep the group informed about recent changes in the project. The app provides a designated area for discussion and searches feature with the number of option to narrow the results will be quite helpful for the students to save time when they are handling the project with large data.


This app is a good fit if you are looking for an app that helps you organise tasks effectively. The app is provided with easy to use interface with strong customer support forum. The price structure of the app is based on the number of projects handled rather than the number of users so, it serves well for a big team handling project. However, collaboration tools and file management features are needs more improvement.

How to improve thinking and problem solving skills

How to improve thinking and problem solving skills

Few people are born with a talent to solve the problems effectively. The success of Steve Jobs is his excellent problem-solving skills says many. Companies are now looking to hire a person with good problem skills to win the competition.  Why should you lose the opportunity due to lack of your problem-solving skills? Let’s put some effort to learn some effective problem-solving skills as a student and put an effort to improve it over a period of time.

 Identify the problem

Many students tend to look at the problem in a bigger picture considering obstacles, barriers or the troubles related to the problem when they are trying to solve the problem which is a wrong approach. Instead, you should try in identifying the nature of the problem and break it down to come out with possible effective possible solutions for the problem. You should identify roots of the problem which can clearly distinguish the nature of the problem that helps to address the problem and finally resolve it. On the whole, you should develop a skill to look at every situation as an identifiable problem.

Define main elements of the problem

Seeing the problem as a big picture may get you scared when you try to resolve it. An effective way to sharpen your problem-solving skill is to break down the problem into small and manageable pieces. You find it impossible to solve the problem when you look at it in a bigger picture. When you break down the problem into small manageable issues no task seems to be impossible for you. It is will be easy for you to build concrete steps to solve the small challenges effectively and address the bigger problem collectively.

Examine possible solutions 

This is the trickiest step that students face in their problem-solving approach. Rather than finding the simple solutions to address the elements of the problem, they should be able to turn them into an opportunity and build a success story. Students should always look at a beautiful and elegant solution that works to address different elements of the problem. Though it is difficult for the students to identify the problems, they should have a creative approach while searching for the solutions. You should be able to create logical links between different potential solutions and reinforcing solutions in creating synergies.

Act on resolving the problem  

Here is a final step to developing your problem-solving skills. This is the important skill that one should work on while sharpening problem-solving skills. You should also master your skills on your ability to perform concrete steps to execute a plan of action. You should polish the skills to monitor and evaluate entire action plan implementation process.  If you are a group handling the problem, learn to delegate the parts of work to each other o implement it successfully.

Career options for data science professionals:4 different roles in the industry

Career options for data science professionals:4 different roles in the industry

Data science has turned out be a buzz word in the industry during recent times. Various companies have recognized the potential of data science to generate actionable insights from structured and unstructured data and thus are demand for data science professionals today.  Not only data science professionals are well paid but, their career seems to promising as well.  Right from the business operations of banks to e-commerce sites are using data sciences in their day to day operations to improve their performance. There are different career paths you can choose as a data scientist.

Data management professional 

It is an IT role similar to the database manager. You need to maintain data and infrastructure which supports it. However, there is no role for data analysis to play here so, there no need for you to learn languages such as Phyton or R. You may need to focus on learning skills like SQL as well as Hadoop-related query languages such as Hive or Pig. You can excel your career by learning key technologies like Apache Hadoop & its ecosystem, Apache Spark & its ecosystem, SQL & relational databases, NoSQL databases.

Data Engineer

This is again one good non- analytic career path in the data science. Data engineer stays responsible to the design and implementation of the data infrastructure which is maintained by a data manager. If the data manager is a car mechanic, data engineer is an automotive designer. Both of them are required by the companies for a proper functioning of the data in the organization. Both data manager and data engineers focus on same concepts to excel in their career. However, their work profile needs them to understand these concepts at different levels.

Business Analyst

As the name refers business analyst role related to analysis and presentation of the data. The role includes reporting dashboards or anything that is related to business intelligence. You may have to interact big data framework as a part of your job responsibility.  The role of the business analyst is primarily about pulling more from the data. The business analyst can be contrasted with two roles namely machine learning researcher/practitioner and the data-oriented professional. Both the job roles stay responsible for eliciting insight from data and require some unique skills to perform the job.

Data-oriented Professional

 This role perfectly defines the reader about what it means to be a data scientist. The data-oriented professional is primarily related to data.  Depending on the role played by the data-oriented professional they have to master different skillset, in fact, this role of the data-oriented professional is a jack of all trades in the data world. The role may include you to work many tasks related to data sciences. You need to have a good domain knowledge to excel in such roles which can be learnt from enrolling the data science courses to kick start your career in the year 2017.

Productivity tips for students to make your college life happier

Productivity tips for students to make your college life happier

When it comes to college, it is important for the student to constantly stay productive for getting the things done. It is, in fact, a key to the students to get through it unscathed. Getting through this productivity zone is a tough task for many. The current article is going to give lots of tips about improving productivity in the college.

Start off 

As I have observed starting the task is a powerful way to level up your productivity in the college life. Starting up the task will set up your brain to a successful work session. Through my observation over lot many years, I have found that starting the task is the most difficult task for the students than actually doing it. Start the task with a small and quick task and work your way through to-do list with increasingly difficult tasks.

Take advantage of missed time

Hours of time that is available in a day is good enough to stay productive but, all the thing is we don’t use it responsibly to stay productive enough during the college life. Think of the time between the class and morning and evening time when you commute to the office.  Most of the college students lack time to read the book they are out to. You can buy the audio books and listen time during these times to make use of the time effectively. It is a good idea to record the lectures of the professor if they allow you and listen to them during pocket times to be more productive in a day.

Get organized

Getting organized helps you focus on the all things that have been dancing on the brain for a while. Organizing allows you to stop falling behind and get ahead of your goals. Start with the smallest first and go for the larger one. This keeps you motivated on fulfilling the goals and completing the task on time. Though it is a tough game, it is important for you to do it. Point them in the order of one-day goal, week goal and month goal. Work on them regularly to reach towards the goal. It is important to organise your time as well. This is, in fact, one of the toughest parts for every student but, this is necessary if you want to improve your results and stand as a notable student. To achieve this, you have to make necessary changes to the lifestyle.

Make use of technology available

There are task managers like ANY DO available on the smart phones to increase the productivity of the students. The app functions wonderfully with cloud syncing and timed reminders and helps you accomplish your tasks on time. APPS on a smart phone like My Homework helps to complete the Homework in the planned and effective way to stay more productive.  You will never forget to complete your homework on time as your schedule stays in your pocket. There are many apps that are available for Smartphone users to increase productivity.