The 3 Most Effective Ways to Beat Stress

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Beat Stress

Stress is one of biggest causes of concern with regard to your mental health and wellbeing. That being said, there is a lot that is written on how you can avoid stress in your everyday life. Of course, it is important to avoid stress to lead a healthy life but there are times when it is practically impossible to beat stress. There can be times when you are completely bogged down professionally or personally and you can’t do much to avoid feeling stressed out. During these times, it becomes important to find ways that can effectively reduce your stress levels so that you are able to get a hold on your life soon.

Suffering from stress? Here is how to overcome it!

Like mentioned above, it is not always possible to avoid stress so it is important that we all equipped to dealing with stress to ensure that it has the minimum impact on our health and wellness. Here are three very effective ways to reduce stress levels and keep you motivated to work better and live better. These little things can drastically improve the way you feel; you have to try it to believe it!

#1. Perform some power yoga

Your body is your reflection. It is your personality. It gives the impression of what you truly are. Not just for others, your body is important for you too to feel good about yourself. When you know you are healthy and fit, it shows on your confidence. Confident people are often less affected by stress than those who feel intimidated by others because of their appearance.

In order to enhance the physical appearance of your body, power yoga is very effective. A few minutes of practicing power yoga everyday can have a huge impact on reducing cortisol levels in your body, those compounds that are responsible for causing stress.

#2. Keep calm, you can always start over

Always believe in yourself. There may be times when you feel you have totally lost control of your life either personally or professionally but remind yourself that you can do better. Start afresh and to do that, you only need your own self. It is no exaggeration to say that there is never too late to start again and yes, life does give you many second chances. So relax and stay calm during your crisis while telling yourself that you are capable of dealing with the issues at your hand and that you can quite easily get over them.

#3. Chocolates are the best stress relievers!

Chocolates for chocolate lovers are heavenly. You might have seen many people binge on chocolates when they feel sad or low. The fact is that chocolates can be immensely effective in reducing depression and stress. There is science behind this and not just myth – chocolates stimulate the brain and trigger increase in the release of the compounds serotonin and phenylethylamine. These compounds increase your heart rate and this helps you focus and concentrate better. When your focus is right, stress might not seem too huge to deal with. Hence, if you are feeling low, grab a bar of chocolate quick!

The above three ways to reduce stress are simple everyday hacks that you can try anywhere. Just remember that stress is not good for you and for your loved ones too. Just this belief can help you greatly!

The Last Minute Job Interview Preparation

The Last Minute Job Interview Preparation

Attending an interview is often an overwhelming experience. This is particularly the case if you are a fresh graduate and are looking out for your first opportunity to get started on your career path. Of course, it is true that not one interview can determine your destiny but it is also true that it takes only one good interview to start building your destiny. That being said, people generally spend days and weeks to prepare for their upcoming interview in the perfect manner. But what if you don’t have all that time? What if, you are called for an interview immediately the next day after you made the application? Would you deny attending the interview for lack of preparation? Of course, not – a missed opportunity is usually a lost opportunity. Here is what you can do when you have less than 24 hours to prepare for your interview.

Last Minute Preparation – Is that feasible?

You may have read time and again that last minute work can spell doom. When it is for something as important as a job interview, you may want to be even more careful with a perfect plan. However, as mentioned above, there can be a situation when you may have to be rather quick with your interview preparation.

To be true, you can quite outshine at your job interview with just a day’s preparation. Following are four tasks that you should do. These tasks combined together may take you four hours or a little over that but this last minute preparation can be good enough if you take these tasks seriously.

  1. Ask questions

This is perhaps a no-brainer. You have to know where you are applying and what role you are applying for. Before you get into the ‘research-mode’, ask some basic questions. Check with the person who called you on who would be interviewing you – would that be a manager or a HR person? This would give you a good idea of the interviewer’s expectations. Check what is the appropriate dress code – you should neither be over-dressed or under-dressed according to the company norms and culture. Take proper directions if you are not too aware of the location. Plan your travel in advance so that you don’t get stuck up in traffic or get lost trying to locate the interview venue.

  1. Conduct basic research

After the phone call, sit back with your computer and do your research on the company. Understand the mission of the company, its core business and operations, where its facilities located are and what are the company’s expectations from its employees. It will be very beneficial for you to get information on aspects such as –

  • The annual sales or turnover of the company
  • The number of employees
  • The products and services that the company deals with
  • Any recent news such as change of top management, press releases about any company notifications, any new products or facilities launched, etc.
  1. Prepare on your CV

Go over your resume and think of different aspects that you need to emphasize about it. Talk about your achievements with specifications such as saying “increased sales by 20%” is a better point to state that saying “contributed effectively to growth of sales”. Not just work related, you may also want to specify non-work related achievements such as any philanthropic tasks you have done in the past or any significant academic awards that you may have received. Understand the highlights of your CV and prepare yourself on talking about them.

  1. Choose your outfit and sleep well

Get everything in place; your complete outfit so that you don’t have to rush or panic in the morning. It is true that your appearance can have an impact on your personality so dress well. Sleeping well is also important so that you are active and fresh the next day.