Make Learning a Lifelong Experience

Make Learning a Lifelong Experience

Most people often associate learning with formal forms of education. People have this misconception that people learn when they are in school, college or university. But the fact is quite different. Good education is just a part of learning. Of course, formal education is important and so are the qualifications but in real sense, learning encompasses practical experiences apart from the book knowledge. Schools and colleges give us the foundation that we need but to build a successful structure (life), we need various other forms of learning.

Learning – it is continuous and life long

When you are done with your formal education, it does not indicate in any sense that you are no longer a learner. As a matter of fact, your real learning starts when you are out of your school or college. This is the time when you will have the real experiences that will mould you as an individual in your personal as well as professional life. This is perhaps the reason why successful people place high degree of importance on lifelong learning. Lifelong learners need to make a deliberate and conscious effort to learn and develop. They do so because they realize that lifelong learning can help in enhancing their understanding of the world around as well as provide them with better opportunities to improve the quality of their life.

How can lifelong learning be beneficial?

Learning, in its basic sense, is immensely beneficial to each one of us. Lifelong learning extends the under mentioned benefits throughout our life and this only means that you tend to have continuous and consistent advantages. So, what are these benefits?

  • Learning can boost your confidence and help in improving your self-confidence.
  • Learning makes us more adaptable to changes and helps us become less averse to risk of failure.
  • Learning makes us achieve more satisfaction that tends to positively impact our personal and social lives.
  • Learning tends to change our ideas and beliefs for better.
  • Learning can be fun. It tends us to keep us motivated and makes our everyday activities more fulfilling and interesting.

Learning for personal and professional development:

Learning can either be aimed at personal or professional development, while it is true that one aspect of learning can definitely have a positive impact on the other, it still makes sense to understand how your personal and professional life is affected as this would motivate you further to acquire new skills and continue gathering more and more learning experiences.

Learning for personal development is to acquire knowledge and skills that help you in building your overall personality. This could be learning about a medical condition or a type of diet plan that will help you with your personal conditions. It could also be about taking any of programs or trainings such as language training or communication skills that will help you develop your personality for the better.

Learning for professional development, on the other hand, is specifically learning skills that will have a direct impact on your present profession. In this regard, transferable skills that may help you perform better in other areas of work can be considered as a significant advantage by your potential employers.

Mastering your lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is just not about acquiring new skills consistently. It is about mastering these new skills and in order to do so, you will need the following –

M – Motivation

A – Ability to acquire new skills

S – Search new skills that are relevant for your personal and professional development

T – Trigger generation to help you remember your newly acquired skills

E – Examining your knowledge regularly on newly acquired skills

R – Reflect on your newly acquired knowledge

Learning gives you strength and it gives you self-confidence. Make it a regular aspect of your growing and you will eventually see its positive impact on your life.

Aspiring to be a DATA Scientist?

Aspiring to be a DATA Scientist?

To Learn Data Science For Free
This Desk will help you to ASK, ANSWER, SPEAK, LISTEN, READ and GROW

who should learn data science?

– People starving to provide solutions to real time business challenges through Analytics
– People aspiring to be a data scientist
– Interest to know business dynamics
– Love spending time with Data & finding hidden patterns
– Analytics as a career choice
– B-tech grad, Science discipline in Mathematics and Stats, Business Administration (MBA), Pharmacy discipline
– People having a job or study related to finance
– People having a job or study related to Marketing
– People who are very analytical and want to see how this field is related to them
– Students who want to explore this career option

Why you should learn data science?

– Data scientist “the sexiest job of the 21st century”
– Not just data scientist. These mechanisms can be used in varied fields like BFSI, Health Care, Travel and Tourism, Retail & CPG, marketing and many more
– Huge career growth opportunity for free
– Learning is not difficult if you have Analytical mind set

How you should learn data science?

Our experts in the field will help you out with how to get going about it

  • You will get to hear from domain experts
  • Tech geeks will help how BIG you need to aim technically
  • Statisticians share advanced modelling experiences
  • You will get to hear on innovations in the data science industry
  • You will get to know market trends and insights

What you should learn in data science?

  • Three WH’s you should be asking your self
  • What subjective knowledge I need to learn?
  • Who will get me domain knowledge?
  • Which technical knowledge gives me advantage?

What careers you can think after learning data science?

– Statistician
– Social Media Analyst
– Business Analyst
– Digital Marketing Analyst
– Data Engineer
– Machine Learning Expert
– Mathematician
– Financial Analyst
– Data Scientist

“Sharing is caring”

In an attempt to through light on those unsolved, untold, unseen, unknown sides of the Analytics world.

This is an attempt to bring together the wide voluminous knowledge spread across length and breadth among this group to the focal spot of every individual.

To enlighten everyone on all those “WHYs”, “WHATs”, “HOWs” of the analytical process that has been put to some cold storage of the brain by each one of us.

Well the journey has begun with a lot of motivation but it’s the habit that will keep us moving.
The habit to explore, learn and share one’s learning with others

Have a ASK (Attitude to Seek Knowledge) and keep watching this space for more on data science