Learning English Can Be Fun!

Learning English Can Be Fun!

There is no denying the fact that English is one language that will set you apart. Yes, if you know English, you can really survive in almost any part of the world. A global language that is spoken in almost all countries that have made their presence felt, English is definitely universal. That being said, it may be important or rather, very important for non-native English speakers to learn to speak fluent English. For Indians too, speaking fluent, flawless English is still a skill that many don’t possess. While it may sound easy, the fact is that learning a new language, particularly a language like English where rules change with every drop of hat, can be really overwhelming!

Many a times, people who are beginning to learn to communicate in English flawlessly often end up feeling bored and uninterested after their initial few classes. Learning a language calls for constant repetition and for many, this would become too monotonous. But making English language learning less boring isn’t really difficult. There are a plenty of things you can do to not just enjoy your learning but also ensure that you are learning the language right. Now, isn’t that the real fun?

Making English learning fun

Language learning can be some serious business. Yes, it does require a lot of effort, time and of course, hard work. For those who come from a basic or zero English background, this learning could be a lot more time consuming too. Some people tend to lose patience while there may be others who simply become frustrated when they still can’t be fluent enough even after weeks or even months of learning. Here are some fun ways to make this learning more enjoyable and eventful –

1.Watch English Movies, preferably without sub-titles:

Most English language teachers would advise this. Watching English movies help the learners develop good listening skills as they would hear people speaking at a normal, standard pace. Also, this gives them a sort-of real-time understanding of how they can communicate. Sometimes, beginners may find it difficult to understand the dialogues. This is particularly the case when actors have heavy accents or they use a lot of idioms and phrases in their conversations. In this case, you may want to have the sub-titles. Though, this should be avoided, if you really need, make sure you are choosing to use the English sub-titles.

For those who may not find enough time to watch a movie, watching an English TV series episode can be just as good. One thing to keep in mind here is to watch movie or TV series that you enjoy. Don’t force yourself because when you do that, the fun element is lost again.

2.Imitation because imitation is the best form of flattery!

This may sound a little too childish but the truth is that we all learn by imitation. This is a wonderful way to learn English. In this case, you may want to try imitating advertisements or the characters shown on television. This practice is great for developing your intonation and speech rhythm. What more, you can record yourself and hear your own ‘English’ voice. This will help you evaluate yourself.

3.Singing, reading and actually doing it!

Not everyone is a singer and that is true. Not everyone may like singing and that is true as well. But, it is also true that when there is a certain tone that is catchy enough to hold your attention, you tend to start singing the song, at least in your mind. When you sing, you develop fluency so it is important. Next comes reading. This is when you may need a dictionary to understand the meanings of the difficult words that you see. Lastly, motivate yourself to start communicating in English because unless you really do it, you wouldn’t really know where your problem areas are.

Make some English speaking friends. They can be a great help when you want to try any of the above. English learning can be fun. You only have to look at it that way!

Why Is Exercise Important For You and Why You Should Do It?

Why Is Exercise Important For You and Why You Should Do It?

We all have read and heard enough about the importance of exercise. Staying physically active is of course, important and hence, for young people, it is recommended that they perform and diligently follow a basic daily exercise routine. That being said, many people, who are health conscious, tend to take up fancy gym memberships in order to keep up their fitness level and stay healthy. To be true, it is not about going to the gym. Yes, you definitely can workout better when you have a formal setup but the point to actually understand here is what exercise can do for you!

To get to the roots, let’s go back in time. We have all evolved from our nomadic ancestors who had no other work but to travel long distances in search of food and proper shelter. Taking that, it shouldn’t surprise you that our bodies are actually designed for some physical labour. To give you a simple example, a sports car is designed to move rather fast. If you use the same car, may be for once a week, 3-miles trip to the grocery store, your car would probably develop engine problems sooner than you may have thought. Exactly that way, our bodies are designed to move and because these days, we tend to lead a very sedentary lifestyle, we are facing several health issues pretty early in our lives.

What exercising can do for your body – the benefits!

Regular exercise is important for a variety of reasons. No, it is not just for the obese people who want to lose weight. Even for those who are thin or skinny, exercise is just as important. Here are some of the most important benefits of exercising-

  • Exercising increases your energy levels

It might seem a very simple thing but what goes behind is quite astonishing. When you exercise, both the strength and the efficiency of your cardiovascular system improves. This implies, there is better efficiency in supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles of your body. also, when your cardiovascular system works better, you will feel more energetic for all things fun in life!

  • Exercising improves your muscle strength

When you stay active, your core muscles remain strong and your joints, tendons and ligaments become more flexible. This ensures that your body muscles and joints move more freely, there is more flexibility and hence, fewer injuries. Strong muscles also ensure a lower risk of joint and lower back pain. There is also a much improved coordination and balance.

  • Exercising helps in weight management

If you are fighting weight issues, there is nothing that can be better than exercising. When you exercise, hour metabolism is properly managed, you burn more calories and you ultimately move towards the path of fitness. When you lose weight, you will physically look better and this will boost your self confidence too.

  • Exercising improves your brain functioning

When you exercise regularly, your blood circulation improves and this encourages release of hormones that are responsible for production of healthy brain cells, that have a positive impact on your memory and learning. So, if you are a student, regular exercising is even more important. Now, do you know why you had that Physical Education (PE) period in your school?

Apart from the above, exercising is important to keep you healthy. It keeps your heart under check, lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, enhances your overall immune system, reduces your likelihood of developing some degenerative bone diseases and also keeps you protected from certain types of cancers.

The Importance of Relaxation

The Importance of Relaxation

One of the most important aspects for a healthy mind is proper relaxation. Of course, stress is an inevitable aspect of life and particularly when you are studying professional courses that will more or less make or break your future; you are bound to be stressed. This is perhaps the reason why superior importance is given to learning the right way to relax so that you reduce your stress and anxiety levels as well as promote a good way of life. Relaxation, though important, is often overlooked but it is important to understand that a healthy mind is absolutely essential for success.

When it comes to relaxation, different people have different views. Some consider relaxation as spending time by the beach-side sipping a cocktail while for some others, it may be a luxurious spa treatment. However, in all reality, relaxation is basically any task or activity that will make you feel good and something that your mind likes. This can again mean different things for different people – reading, dancing, gardening, sleeping or listening to music are just a few ways on how people like to relax.

How to relax?

There are people who generally believe that they don’t have time to relax. They are too worked up and usually have a lot to complete on their personal and work front. The problem here would be the productivity and efficiency level. Yes, if you do not relax enough, your stress levels are going to increase for sure but your productivity will also get a huge impact (negative). By learning some simple relaxation techniques, you can actually improve your quality of life and get your work done more productively.

Balancing stress and relaxation – the ultimate goal!

Typically speaking, stress and relaxation are two extreme ends; they are quite the opposite mind-sets. It would be almost impossible to lead a life with zero stress and in a way, stress is important too as it tends to keep us on our toes, which helps us towards our goals. However, balancing out your stress levels with some relaxation will help you get on with your life in a much better manner.

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you relax and more importantly, balance out the stress in your life –

  • Don’t worry, be happy!

That may seem easier said than done but yes, you have to constantly work towards staying happy at all times. Remember, a smile can get a lot of tasks done, that a frown can’t. Also, staying happy will bring positivity in your life making you look at it in a better way. Look at ways to stay happy as there is no better stress reliever than laughter.

  • Don’t overestimate your capabilities

Believe in yourself and in your capabilities but do not overburden yourself. You have your weaknesses too along with your strengths; don’t forget that. Expecting too much from yourself is giving yourself an extra amount of stress and relaxing yourself becomes important. Take up only as much amount of work as you can practically handle.

  • Forget the past

Your past is not going to come back to you ever so relax and move ahead. Living in the past is one of the biggest mistakes that you tend to make in your life. Get over your past and look at your future with positivity and good hope.

  • Learn to say ‘No’

You will not be able to relax unless you learn to respect yourself. Be assertive and don’t let others push you to your limit of exhaustion.

  • Keep yourself physically active

Exercise every day and eat healthy food. Go for a walk, run or swim – all of this will help you relax and unwind while also keep you healthy.

How can a Group Discussion Benefit You?

How can a Group Discussion Benefit You?

Group Discussion is a very essential part of a selection process. It enables the organization to choose the most promising candidates. This is true and enough has been said about how a GD can help an organization to compare the skills of candidates efficiently and select those who outperform others. But did you know that a GD can benefit you too. Yes, a GD gives you real time exposure and can be a great self-evaluative tool as well. So if you have been thinking that a GD is just a selection tool, you may want to think again after reading this post!

Benefits of a GD for candidates or participants

As a candidate attending a GD, here are the following benefits –

  • It helps you understand a subject more deeply

When you attend a group discussion, your perspective about a subject will broaden. This is because, you will not just have your ideas but you will get to listen to others’ ideas. You will be able to evaluate various perspectives and analyse different opinions about the subject. This will increase your knowledge and whether you agree or not with the other opinions and ideas, you are sure to understand the subject a lot more deeply. Knowledge enhancement is definitely a great takeaway from a group discussion.

  • It helps your ability to think critically

Critical thinking is an important skill that you will always need whether you are seeking an employment or admission into an esteemed college or university. This is one skill that will come handy when you are doing your negotiations or taking important decisions. When you attend a group discussion, you can surely hone your critical thinking ability. You will be presented with different views on the same subject and you can give your mind some task of critical evaluation. Because, you will most likely not know the group members, your thinking will not be biased.

  • It helps in deriving a solution

Sometimes, the topics given in a group discussion can be subjects or issues that you have been personally pondering over. Topics such as how can women safety be ensured or how to eradicate workplace discrimination will help you think of ideas. Also, you will have everyone in the group giving their ideas and opinions. This may as well help the organization employ measures to solve the issue or you may actually derive a solution and adopt measures in the regard in near future.

  • It improves your listening skills

As a participant of a group discussion, you will be able to improve your communication skills and particularly, your listening skills. This is because you will have to listen to the other participants carefully. When you hear the other participants, you will start honing your listening as you will have to respond based on what others say. Your speaking skills are also bound to improve.

  • It improves your confidence

When you express yourself in front of a group, your confidence will improve. Public speaking may initially seem a little overwhelming but as you tend to get used to it, you will gain more and more confidence. This will reflect in your overall positive change in attitude.

In order to ensure that you derive the above benefits from a group discussion, make sure that you observe all the participants, participate actively and practice efficiently.