Campuscounty is a prominent educational network for Indian students. With an aim to guide students throughout their educational journey and beyond, Campus County provides relevant and updated information across the educational sector, keeping the users of the website informed and aware of the various reforms in the field of Indian education. From letting the students know about the various higher educational programs to helping them choose the right career path, Campus County acts as an open, unbiased guidance source. Started in 2016, Campus County aims at exploring the future of Indian education by providing an integrated platform that would be beneficial for everyone related to the field of education – students, faculty and educational institutions. By offering students updated information on admission dates and procedures for the most reputed institutions in India and abroad to keeping them up-to-date with the entrance exam dates for all competitive exams at various levels, we give our users an edge over others. We also offer all updated and genuine information relating to exam results and other notifications for various programs along with providing details of various scholarships, career programs and other relevant news and events that every student needs to know. We have a team of experts who helps our users across various platforms – from searching the best colleges to finding the most appropriate study material related to their course of study. Our team of experts also help students with their test preparations by offering several mock examination papers and study guides that are course related and updated to current syllabus. Our Vision: We look at ourselves as a front-runner and leader in the field of educational awareness and information in India. We also aim at strengthening our knowledge sources as well as encourage development of specific new programs to guide students from various specializations so that they are presented with strategic opportunities that will help them explore their career better. Our Mission: We function on a simple objective – to make educational information access easy, quick and convenient for students so that they benefit and thereby, we have a strong future generation to take our country ahead. Our objectives include – Provide world class educational network for Indian students to make academic excellence a commonplace. Offer most relevant and updated information of all reputed Universities, Colleges and Institutions world-wide along with basic information on admissions. Build an online community of students for better exchange of information and ideas for overall and collective development of the Indian student community. Provide strategic information to students about course fee and other such details to help them rate and compare different colleges and universities, world-wide. Provide a support system for Indian students to make right career decisions at the right time. At Campus County, we strongly believe that education needs to be accessible to all. We consider it as our passion to keep Indian students updated on the overall system of education so that they are on par with their foreign counterparts and are able to take timely and relevant decisions so that they reach to their career goals. Of course, a lot depends on their choice of career and their dedication and commitment but as a source of guidance, we aim at leaving no stone Upturned!